IN-DEPTH discussion of Amare Products and Science

These are a collection of Zoom calls by Dr. Shawn Talbott our Chief Science Officer. ALL the information you would ever want to know about our incredible products are discussed here IN-DEPTH and designed for those who simply need this type of detailed information about all the products offered by Amare Global in one place! (Make your self an Energy Plus drink and enjoy the discussions!)

29 Minutes Everyone Needs to See

The Gut-Brain Axis - A Conversation with Dr Shawn

DrShawn Fundamentals Zoom

An IN--DEPTH discussion of Amare's FundaMentals Products

DrShawn Theraputics Zoom

An IN-DEPTH discussion of Amare's MentaTheraputic's Products

DrShawn Essentials Zoom

An IN-DEPTH discussion of Amare's MentaEssentials Products


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Pat Hintze

Amare Global